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The D-Link as we know is a well-established name in the networking industry. The D-Link DIR-890 AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit router lends a sky high speed of up to 3Gbps. The DIR series from D-Link is well known for its efficiency in the networking and internet distribution process.

Some important features of this router are listed and mentioned below.


  1. The external Gigabit WAN and LAN ports are dedicated for the high speed wired connection devices.
  2. The Smart connect feature in the D-Link DIR-890L router doesn’t let the router decrease its network speed.
  3. This D-Link smart Wi-Fi router can also be accessed through the “mydlink” Lite mobile application.
  4. The users can access the dashboard of their D-Link routers through this application in which all the router related information will be displayed like the current network speed, a number of devices connected, speed allocation to each device and other router details like signal strength etc.
  5. The advanced AC smart beam technology in this D-Link DIR-890L router projects the wireless signals from its source to a specific space where the Wi-Fi connectivity is comparatively lower than the other areas.
  6. The users don’t need to bother about any issue regarding the D-Link DIR-890L
  7. Dual USB ports on the router allow the user to connect the removable storage devices to the router and sharing the data on the removable devices with the other devices in a network, the external USB devices also allows connecting other removable devices like gaming consoles etc. which are mainly connected to the Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  8. AC3200 router as it is a high-end wireless router equipped with all the latest and high tech features.

Configuring the D-Link DIR-890L router

All the D-Link routers need to be configured before they can be utilized for any networking purposes. The D-Link router’s admin page can be accessed through its customized web domain www.dlinkrouter.local or through its default IP address

Here’s what you need to know about setting up and configuring the D-Link router prior to its usage in the wireless network.

  • Unbox the D-Link router packaging box and check if all the essentials are shipped with it like the Ethernet cords and the power supply adapter etc.
  • Now, connect your modem to the router through an Ethernet cord. Similarly, connect your computer to one of the LAN port of the router.
  • Power on your router either through the wall socket or the power buttons of the router whichever is necessary and waits for the router’s WLAN LED to get stable.
  • Now, open the browser on your PC and enter the D-Link’s customized web address http://dlinkrouter.loacal in the address bar to access the admin page.
  • Authorize the login window with a username and the password when required. The default credentials for both the fields will be “admin” only. If that doesn’t work, leave the password field blank.
  • Now, select the Internet WAN tab on the home page of the router to get the configuration going.
  • The connection type needs to be chosen from the drop-down list of the connection types.
  • Enter the login credentials again in the required fields provided by your Internet service provider. These login details regarding the internet setup need to be kept safe or keep it noted somewhere.

Follow rest of the instructions on the screen to complete the D-Link router configuration.

Your router will now be configured with the latest settings written on its memory network and you are ready to experience a thrilling fast network and internet speed.

D-Link router firmware update

The firmware is the backbone of any hardware device whether it is a router, modem or repeater etc. The firmware needs to be updated always. Make sure to update the firmware of your router as soon as the update is released. The D-Link firmware can be updated by accessing the router’s setup page through dlinkrouter.local.

If this web address dlinkrouter.local does not redirect you to the D-Link router configuration age, then you can try to access the router setup page through its default IP address also i.e.

  • First of all, download the firmware update from the support website of D-Link i.e. dlink.com/support and save it in an easily accessible location of your PC.
  • Then assuming that your router and computer are connected, open the web browser again and enter the web address dlinkrouter.local and authenticate the consecutive screen with the username and password you have set or with the default credentials whatever the case may be.
  • Now, select the system admin tab in the home page and then click the router firmware>update
  • You will be prompted to locate the downloaded firmware update file. Click the “Browse” button and your computer’s local disks will be opened.
  • Locate, select and open the downloaded update file after which the update installation process will start itself. You will have to wait for the update to finish itself and make sure the reboot at the end doesn’t get hindered in any case.

Note- It is important for the router to reboot at the end of any process properly or else the router’s firmware can get corrupt easily and you will have to face the router’s malfunctioning. Your D-Link router can also be rendered useless if any technical process is interrupted in between its course.

Important preferences for the D-Link router

Always use the wired connection between the computer, modem and the router while performing any task like configuration, reset and firmware update etc.

Use the 24 hours backed up power source for the devices as the process shouldn’t be interrupted in between.

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