Dlink router login access

Dlink router login access

D Link has a variety of routers to meet all the needs of the people, be it for home use or for businesses. D-Link is a global provider for networking hardware so that people can connect with information all over the world and also connect with each other. Not only do they provide innovative designs in their routers but also high performance routers and extenders for various purposes such as intensive online gaming, video streaming or just plain old web browsing that fit every budget. They have been in the networking hardware industry from a very long time and have made sure that their users stay up to date with the latest technology. Setting up the routers is very easy and anybody can install and setup the router themselves by typing http://dlinkrouter.local in any web browser. They have provided the users with the latest technology in their routers and now everyone can enjoy ultra-fast speeds on their wireless network making sure the users go through a great experience throughout.

Setting up and installing the routers for the first time has become very easy in the last couple of years. D-Link has made sure that even the not so tech savvy people can set up the routers themselves without any troubles. D Link came up with a very convenient Setup Wizard for its users that walks them through the installation process and configuration of the router if anybody wants to configure the router for their specific needs later on. The users can just open up any web browser of their choice and type http://dlinkrouter.local in the address bar and it will take the user to the setup wizard for further configurations.

D Link routers come with the latest technology and with a lot of important features for such as the MU-MIMO (Multiple User Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology for a seamless internet experience, Beam forming technology, Smart Connect technology, Remote access and management, Easy setup and much more. With the addition of new features such as Guest Network, users can now make a guest network for new users for a limited period of time. This makes the network more secure the users don’t have to share their main passwords with everyone now. And with the user friendly set up, users have been given access to their routers so that they can set up the features specific to their needs.

Here at dlink-routerlocal.net, we will show you all the steps required to install and set up the D Link routers for the first time using http://dlinkrouter.local, how to reset the router to its factory default settings, how to update the firmware of the routers and to change the username and passphrase so that the user can enjoy a much more secure network.

There are some prerequisites required before setting up the router for the first time. Here are the prerequisites:

  • Ethernet cables to connect the router and the modem and the device that is required to set up the router.
  • Power adapters that come with the router.

How to set up the D Link Router for the first time

  • Unplug all the connections on your modem and router.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable from any of the LAN ports of the router to the desktop computer that you want to use to set up the router.
  • Now, connect the modem to the WAN port of the router.
  • Connect the router with a wall socket and turn it on.
  • Power on the modem, the router and the computer.
  • Now, open up any web browser of your choice on the desktop computer and type http://local in the address bar and press enter. This will automatically take you to the setup wizard page in the browser.
    If by some chance, the browser doesn’t automatically takes you to the setup wizard page after typing http://dlinkrouter.local in the address bar, you can alternatively type the default IP address of your router in the address bar. The default IP address of the D Link routers is
  • When the setup wizard page displays, it will guide you through a step by step process to configure and set up your D Link router and help you connect to the internet. Click Next to continue.
    This wizard will appear while setting up the router for the very first time. If you have configured the router before, you will have to reset your router in order to go through the setup wizard again.
  • Now, the router will scan for the type of internet connection that you have. It successfully scans and skips the setup itself, but in some case if it doesn’t, you will be prompted to select the type of internet connection that you have.
  • From the given options, select the DHCP connection (Dynamic IP). For all the wired connections, the connection type is always Dynamic IP. After selecting the DHCP connection type, click Next.
  • Now, you will see a Wireless Settings You will be asked to put in a new wireless network name and password. This is very important as it will help secure your network. Enter the desired Network name and passphrase in the respective fields. Click Next.
    Note down the username and passphrase for your wireless network so that the passphrase isn’t lost or forgotten. If it is lost or forgotten, a factory reset will be required.
  • Now, the setup wizard will again ask you for a password. This is the password for the router configuration page in case you want to log in to the configuration page. Click Next.
    This is not your wireless passphrase.
  • Now, the setup wizard will ask you to set your time zone. After setting the time zone, click Next.
  • A summary of all your router settings will be displayed. Click Save to save the settings.
  • The router will now start to reboot in order to save the settings.
    Do not interrupt the reboot process as it may corrupt the router and even render it useless.
You can now start using your wireless internet connection.
How to upgrade the firmware of your D Link Router
Upgrading the router’s firmware is very important as it helps in keeping the network secure and provides the latest features and bug fixes so that the user can continue to use their wireless connection without any problems. D Link release firmware upgrades regularly so that the users can keep up to date with the latest features and can enjoy the wireless experience without any trouble. Here are the steps required to upgrade the D Link Router’s Firmware:
  1. Open any web browser of your choice and go to the D-Link’s Support Website. The support website for D Link routers is support.dlink.com or you can opt for your local D Link support website. Download the latest firmware for your router’s model.
  2. Once you have downloaded the latest firmware, open the web browser and type http://dlinkrouter.local or in the address bar.
  3. The login window will ask you for the username and password. Type in the default username and password.
    The default username is “Admin” and leave the password field blank. Click Login.
  4. Now, a new window will display. Click on the Tools tab on the top and then click on the Firmware tab on the left side of the window. Under Firmware Upgrade, click on the Browse button and select the file that you previously downloaded.
  5. Click Upload to upgrade the firmware to the latest firmware. It will take a couple of minutes to upgrade the firmware. Click Continue.
    It is advised not to unplug or switch off or otherwise disturb the router while the firmware is being upgraded.
Your D Link Router’s Firmware will now be upgraded and you can now start using your wireless internet.
How to reset the D Link Router
Sometimes, the user forgets or loses the password for their router. In that case, a factory reset is required. Here are the steps necessary for the resetting of the D Link routes:
  1. Locate the Reset button on the back of the router that you wish to reset.
  2. Using a paper clip or something similar, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, release the button.
  3. The router will now start to reboot itself. Once the router has finished rebooting, the WAN light will stop blinking. That means the router has been reset.
    Your router has now been restored to its factory default settings. Resetting the router will also reset all your personalized settings.

How to change the password for your D Link Router

  1. Open up a web browser of your choice and enter http://dlinkrouter.local in the address bar. Alternatively you can enter the default IP address which is in the address bar.
    The default username is “Admin” and leave the password field blank. Click Login.
  2. Click the Setup tab on the top and then click Wireless Settings which will be towards the left.
  3. Scroll the page down to “Wireless Security Mode” to enter a new password for your connection.
    Make sure to save the settings by clicking on the Save Settings option at the top.

Your new password will now be setup and ready to use.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) answered:

  1. I lost my password for my D Link router. Can I recover it?
    Yes, if your password recovery is enabled, you can recover your password.
  2. Can I lock my D Link router to secure my network?
    Your connection is already encrypted and you can set up a password to secure your network so that nobody else can access your network without your permission.
  3. How do I find the default login details of my router?
    The default login details of your router model are available in the D Link support website. Just enter your router model in the search bar.
  4. Do I have to upgrade my router’s firmware?
    Yes, it is recommended that you keep your router’s firmware upgraded at all times to ensure a smooth and trouble free experience and to enjoy the latest and new features of your router.
  5. Will resetting my D Link router reset my passwords too?
    Yes, resetting your D Link router will reset all your personalized settings as well. Make sure you have a backup of all your settings before you reset your router.
  6. How do I access the login page for my D Link router?
    You can go to http://dlinkrouter.local or alternatively, you can use the default IP address for your router which is
  7. How do I secure my D Link router network?
    You can secure your network by setting up a customized passphrase for your network. Make sure you don’t share it with just anybody.
  8. Can I restrict access to the inappropriate content on my network?
    Yes, you can use the Parental Control feature to restrict any website or content on your network.
  9. Can I connect to my router or configure using a wireless device?
    Yes, you can connect and configure your router using a wireless device.
  10. How do I know if my router’s firmware is out of date?
    Your Smart Wizard will notify you if your router’s firmware is out of date.